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MindWell Psychology is committed to excellent care for individuals, couples, and families.
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Dr. Livia Freier is a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in anxiety, PTSD, life stressors, depression, ADHD, adjustment difficulties, eating disorders, and couples/marriage conflicts.

At MindWell Psychology Dr. Freier works with clients who would like to gain a strong sense of self and build self-confidence both long-term and situational. Her practice is open to individuals, couples, and families. She works with young adults and their families. Her neuroscience research is affiliated with Brown University.


Dr. Livia Freier

How It Works

Psychotherapy or coaching?

Psychotherapy and coaching can be used together to help you achieve your goals, but they’re not the same.

While psychotherapy focuses more on exploring a patient’s present and past and how these events may have shaped current behaviors or thoughts, coaching is more future-oriented and aimed at facilitating life changes. But there’s a crossover between the two fields. For example, coaches are also guided by psychotherapeutic knowledge and principles and may be exploring the past to help patients action their future goals.

Psychotherapists are trained to help people with mental health issues such as anxiety, PTSD, and depression while coaches are not.

Much like therapy, coaching can be hard work as patients learn the skills to make the changes they wish to see in their lives.

Therapy tends to happen more often face-to-face while coaching is frequently conducted online via video calls, email, and the phone.

We’re here to help you figure out which approach is right for you. Get in touch for an initial consultation.

Therapy types we offer

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Eating Disorders

Existential challenges

Life transitions

Parent Coaching


Separation & divorce

Stress management

Student support services

Our Process

What to Expect

Our first session is an opportunity for us to meet and discuss your needs, talk about your problems and what you’d like to gain from therapy. It’s also a chance to find out if you’re comfortable talking to your therapist or coach.

By the end of the session, we can decide on a treatment schedule that works for you and discuss any other questions you may have. Because everyone is unique, there’s no hard or fast rule as to how many sessions would benefit you. Some clients benefit from six sessions while others get the most out of a longer, weekly commitment.

Therapy and coaching are a regular commitment that you make to yourself. It’s not a service you pay us to provide, but a dedication and opportunity for you to work through the issues that bother you. This is your time.

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How we work together

If you are based in Providence, you may wish to come see us face-to-face.
We offer online and telephone therapy and coaching sessions for those unable to travel or living further afield.